Al Madina Group Was Established in 1971 at Dubai, UAE

Al Madina Group was established in 1971 at Dubai, UAE. Al Madina Exports India, an Indian division of Al Madina group established in 2007 to export various products and articles of merchandise from India to global market, especially to gulf region.

We are the Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers Of Readymade Garments, Men’s Wear, Ladies Wear, Kids Wear, Foot Wear ,Cosmetics, Imitation Jewelers, Leather & Synthetic Product, Agriculture , Stationary Product, House Hold Product, and Blanket & Bed Sheets.

Vision and Mission:

To commit and maintain our position as a one-stop export destination across the world for our clients by constantly evolving to provide a gamut of high quality products and services in synch with the changing customer needs.

Al Madina exists to provide feasible solutions to our Clients, Customers, Staff, Suppliers, Shareholders and Society by becoming the Leading Exporter.

Al Madina group has grown in the last four decades due to its strong commitment to quality and value based existence. The underlying principle at Al Madina Group has been consistent quality, never-ending innovation and the spirit to personalized customer experience.

Indian Apparel

India is the one of the world's largest producers of textiles and garments. The potential size of the Indian textile and apparel industry is expected to reach US$ 221 billion by 2021. The sector contributes about 14 per cent to industrial production, 4 per cent to the gross domestic product (GDP), and 17 per cent to the country's export earnings.

Textile Industry

The Indian textile industry is set for strong growth, buoyed by both rising domestic consumption as well as export demand. Abundant availability of raw materials such as cotton, wool, silk and jute and skilled workforce has made India a sourcing hub.

Indian Leather

The leather industry occupies a place of prominence in the Indian economy in view of its massive potential for employment, growth and exports. Indian leather industry today has attained well merited recognition in international markets besides occupying a prominent place among the top seven foreign exchange earners of the country.

Indian Gifts

India is one of the major exporter and supplier of handicrafts and gift products to the world market. The growth of these industries is due to their ever-increasing demand and the popularity of Indian crafts like - carpet weaving, traditional textile (Banarsi silk sari, Chikankari etc), gem cutting and polishing, jewelry making, the world famous diamond cutting and polishing industry, brassware, jute products, etc.

Indian Crafts

The history of Indian handicrafts goes back to almost 5000 years from now. There are numerous examples of handicrafts from the Indus Valley Civilization. The tradition of crafts in India has grown around religious values, needs of the common people and also the needs of the ruling elites. In addition to this foreign and domestic trade have also played an important role in the evolution of different craft forms in India. The craft traditions of India have withstood the depredation of time and several foreign invasions and continue to flourish till date. It is mainly due to the open mindedness of the Indian handicraftsmen to accept and assimilate new ideas.

Plastic Industry

India is one of the most promising exporters of plastics among developing countries. The Indian plastics industry produces and exports a wide range of raw materials, plastic moulded extruded goods, polyester films, laminates, molded/soft luggage items, writing instruments, plastic woven sacks and bags, PVC leather cloth and sheeting, packaging, consumer goods, sanitary fittings, electrical accessories, laboratory/medical surgical ware and travel ware, among other products.